NARA proposes fee increase

As many genealogists are already aware, the National Archives and Records Administration is currently proposing a revision to the NARA Federal Regulations, Part 1258, which governs reproduction fees.

In other words, you may soon be paying more for any photocopies you request from NARA. Genealogists interested specifically in Civil War research may be the hardest hit by this fee increase. If the proposal passes, the flat fee for photocopies of a complete Civil War pension file will rise from $37.00 to $125.00. According to NARA officials, the original fee amount was based on the assumption that most files would not exceed 50 pages, when in reality many Civil War pension files number 200+ pages. For more information, including the full extent of the changes and NARA’s explanation, see:

This fee increase has not been finalized, but researchers wishing to take advantage of the current rate may wish to act now.