Internet Archive

As digitization projects become more prolific on the Internet, it is becoming increasingly possible for scholars to gain access to often obscure and rare texts. The unfettered access offered by these digital galleries can be an indispensable tool for researchers. One such website available free to the public is Internet Archive.

Internet Archive is a San Francisco-based nonprofit whose stated mission is “offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format”. The archive contains numerous audio and video files, as well as over 200,000 texts. To maximize accessibility, texts are often available in various formats, such as PDF, Text, Flipbook, and DjVu.

Internet Archive contains several items that are specifically relevant to researchers interested in Charleston history. Examples include:

CalhounA History of the Calhoun Monument at Charleston, S.C by Ladies Calhoun
Monument Association (1888)

Moses Lindo
Moses Lindo: a sketch of the most prominent Jew in Charleston in Provincial days by Barnet A. Elzas (1903)

Samuel JonesThe Siege of Charleston And the Operations on the South Atlantic Coast In the War Among the States
by Samuel Jones, C.S.A. (1911)

sumter.jpegThe Flag Replaced on Sumter: a personal narrative by William Arnold Spicer (1885)

For these books and many more, visit the Internet Archive.
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