Our vertical file collection

The South Carolina Room has the largest vertical file collection in the state, and the staff has been clipping articles out of local papers like the Charleston Evening Post and News and Courier since the 1930s.  Our collection, which is broken into Charleston, South Carolina, or Biography subheadings, is organized by subject.  All that is required to use the material (which can be photocopied for personal use) is a library card or i.d.  There are nearly eighty drawers of material, which include brochures, articles, and exerts from books in addition to the newspaper clippings.  The files include articles on individual cities, associations, buildings in downtown Charleston, schools, local development and planning, history (broken down by era), and prominent South Carolinians, among others.  The materials are ideal for researchers, students of all ages, or anyone wishing to learn about any of the thousands of subjects in our indexes.