South Carolina Military Records, Part Two: War of 1812 and Mexican-American War

War of 1812

  • Service Records Index, microfilm

         The index is in alphabetical order and lists the name, regiment, and rank of volunteer soldiers who served during the war in organizations from South Carolina.  These rolls were filmed by the National Archives; the archives have the actual service records, but they have not been filmed to and therefore only the index is available at this time.

  • South Carolina Militia; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Regiments Service Records, microfiche

       This set of fiche are typescript copies of records for the Militia.  The records were transcribed for the State of South Carolina from the National Archives records in the 1930s (they are the only portion of the indexed set that has been transcribed and made available).  They include an alphabetical list of names (by regiment), soldier rank, company captain, date of enlistment, date of the end of service, and occasional remarks.  The records are also available in book form in South Carolina Militia, War of 1812, which is cataloged as 973.52457 South.

  • Books

       Most books available on the War of 1812 provide history of South Carolina’s military activities rather than genealogical source information, but the following may be useful to genealogists.  Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina Papers. (Transcribed by Craig L. Heath, cataloged as 929.375 Georgia.)  The book includes letters and excerpts from the Draper Manuscript Collection, and has an index of troops that are mentioned.

Mexican War

Unfortunately, there are no service records avaiable in the SC Room for South Carolinians involved in the Mexican War.  The following two books are some of the only materials dedicated specifically to South Carolina’s war experience.

To Conquer A Peace. Gettys, James Wylie. (973.62 Gettys).  This dissertation focuses on the contribution of South Carolinians in the war and has a useful bibliography of primary and secondary sources as well as newspapers that discuss the war.

South Carolina and the Mexican War- A History of the Palmetto Regiment of Volunteers, 1846-1917. Meyer, Jack Allen (973.624 Meyer). The book includes general history and the experiences of individual troops in the Palmetto Regiment.  Besides a name index, there are appendices that list the names and ranks of the soldiers in the Palmetto Regt. and a roster list by company.

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