Military Service Records, Part Three: World War II

This is a guide to personnel records and genealogical resources for South Carolinians involved in World War Two service.  Please note that there is more information available on the general history the war, as well as material on the effects of the war locally.  For sources on background history for World War Two in South Carolina, please check the catalog or ask for help at the SCR Desk.




SCR 359.75 Hamer                   Charleston Reborn: A Southern City, Its Navy Yard, and World War Two. (Hamer explores the effects of the war in Charleston, and he also discusses individual workers and their families, which may provide genealogical information).

SCR 940.54 Official                Official Roster of South Carolina: Servicemen

SCR 940.54 Seventee               17,500 Charleston Men of Military Age Listed by Name and Number


SCR 940.54 Y                           Young American Patriots, World War II: South Carolina


SCR 940.5481 World                World War Two Veterans: Florence County


SCR 975.791 Cupp                   North Area Scrapbook Collection Index. (This is an index of articles on North Charleston by local researcher Ruth Cupp.  They feature information about local war workers, soldiers, and civilians in WWII.  Ask at SCR Desk for the actual collection).



The library has a subscription to, a genealogical database, that patrons can use free of charge while in the SC Room.  The site is name searchable.  The following is a list of individual databases on for World War Two research.


‘World War Two and Korean Veterans Interred Overseas.’

‘WWII Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Casualties, 1941-1954.’

‘WWII Prisoners of War, 1940-1946.’

‘WWII Young American Patriots, 1941-1945.’

‘Aircraft Carrier Navy Muster Rolls, 1939-1949.’

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  1. i am wanting to buy the book “Young American Patriots : World War II : South Carolina”. If by chance you know of one for sale or come across one, I would be very grateful to receive such information. Dan Tanner 336-301-0217

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      We have checked all of the booksellers (Albris, Abebooks,, Bookfinder, Powells, and Ebay) that we use for out-of-print books and could not find a copy of Young American Patriots: The Youth of South Carolina in WW II for sale. We wish you luck in your future search.


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